"My husband and I started making use of Jennica's massage services nearly four years ago.  Our work is home-based and mostly involved sitting in front of a computer.  We didn't start seeing Jennica for any condition, but to help manage stress and tension.  We continue to see Jennica regularly as part of our health maintenance regime.  I know many people seek massage therapy to address specific needs, but for us it has become a vital part of our self-care.  Often times, Jennica locates tension in areas of our bodies where we would not be expecting to be holding tension and this has been useful in promoting an overall awareness of our current state of well-being. Thank you, Jennica!"
-Linda Doughty
"I started working with Jennica in June of 2008 upon moving to Tucson from Switzerland.  New to the area, I was searching for a certain type of therapist: one who integrated medical & physical therapeutic effects into a holistic healing & relaxing experience (i.e., not just a relaxing massage, but a relaxing massage with health benefits).  Anyone can "rub lotion" into your skin and let you meditate to get your relaxation for the hour, but if you are looking for real value then you need a therapist like Jennica who works at a much higher level.  Jennica's insight into the body's ecosystem, her profound organic and technical understanding of physiology and anatomy, combined with her massage training equip her to deliver REAL impact and benefit far above-and-beyond the "lotion application" you'll get at many so-called Spa's.  As a consumer for over 30 years of many different types of body work across many different cultures and countries, I know what I personally look for in a massage therapist...and I think my experience allows me to assess the good from the truly excellent - and I can unequivocally recommend Jennica as one of the truly excellent! (But please do not book on Saturday's so that there is less competition for me to get my appointments!)"
 - Patrick Watkins
"Please allow this letter to serve as the highest recommendation for your massage therapy services.  My (12yr old) daughter, Sydney, received almost instant relief from her headache and back pain after just one therapy session.
Furthermore, you accurately assessed a serious back issue and referred her to a medical expert that diagnosed a condition which she is receiving physical therapy for at this time.  I greatly appreciate your professionalism, compassion and talent that make you one of the best in your field.
Thanks for all you do for the community."
 - Dawn Hect
"I have been receiving regular massages from Jennica for several years.  When I was diagnosed in January with "rotator cuff impingement", we were at a loss as to what sort of massage technique would be the best.  I was on pain medication, going to physical therapy three times a week, and getting "special attention" to my shoulder area in my regular massages...but nothing seemed to help.  In fact, things seemed to be getting progressively worse.  (I could not even raise my arm past perpendicular when I held it out in front of me!)
The first of August , I saw a shoulder specialist who diagnosed "frozen shoulder".  He gave me some passive range of motion stretches to do and told me that if I was patient I could expect positive results in 8 to 18 months!  We scheduled a second appointment for the first week in September.
I talked with Jennica, who told me that she was going to attend a continuing education course at the end of August that deals directly with the type of problem I have.  The Saturday after Jennica completed her course, I consented to be her "guinea pig" so that she could put into practice what she had just learned.  It took about half of the session to get my muscles warmed up enough so that she could get to the deep tissue!  And our persistence paid off...I was so confident that we were on the right track, I scheduled another massage for the following week.  Four day's after my first shoulder treatment from Jennica, I saw the doctor who was amazed to see a 30 degree improvement in my range of motion in just 4 weeks!  I confessed to supplementing the passive stretches with Jennica's "magic fingers".  The doctor told me to "keep it up" and predicted that I'd be at 100% in 6 weeks to 3 months!!
Jennica and I have had our second session and I've gained another 30 degrees in elevation!  I can't wait until session #3 tomorrow so that Jennica can "dig" in there again...
I would suggest that anyone who has shoulder issues should schedule some time with Jennica.  If you're committed to getting full range of motion, there's nothing better than teaming up with a talented massage therapist."
- Anne Tebo
"I've suffered w/fibromyalgia (& stomach issues) for approx. 5 yrs. My Dr. @ Mayo Clinic/Scottsdale, advised I begin slowly incorporating more exercise, etc. He also suggested I seek the assistance of a naturopathic doctor, an abundance of healthy foods & include massage/reflexology. Jennica, I respect & value your support. I haven't felt this healthy, since mid-July 2010, in approx. 4 years! I feel as though I've lived in a fog & my attitude & wanting to be healthy have "rewarded" me. I'm thrilled to have found Dr.'s Nicole & Justin Taylor & I look forward to working w/you again!!
***Presently,I'm under the care of my Dr. @ Mayo Clinic & Dr.'s Nicole & Justin Taylor of Modern Elixir Center for Chronic & Complex Disease in Tucson.
Thank you for all you've done for me & for Randy."
- Erlinda Cox
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